Ligatures in InDesign CS

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I am using FF Clifford Six (having font faces Caps, CapsExpert, Roman, RomanExpert, RomanLF, Italic, ItalicAltF, ItalicExpert). I do have "Ligatures" activated and I am using "RomanLF" for the text, but unfortunately no ligatures like -st- etc" which are all in the expert set are used! Any ideas?

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Expert font are in fact not very "expert", rather very stupid. It was once a way to distribute typefaces with extended character set. From PS Type 1 fonts, InDesign can only insert few basic ligatures like fi, fl, but those ligatures must have correct glyph names. InDesign cannot insert other ligatures (st), because these glyphs are available in different font (Roman Expert) and usualy have wrong glyph names.
There are two solutions: manualy replace "st" from one font by ligature "st" from another one or build your own OpenType font with correct LIGA/DLIG features. Unfortunately the second solution will be probably forbidden by EULA.

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The third solution would be to tell FontShop that you want an OpenType version of the font, and see if they can provide one - if not now, perhaps in the foreseeable future.



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I'm fairly sure FF fonts allow modifications for personal use... climbing out on a limb.

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pimped, miss tiff? ;^D

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FontShop does allow modifications, but they probably will not support any pimped or otherwise jacked up versions of their font software. ;o)

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