Family Help?

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To save money I am going to be creating & printing my own wedding stationary suite with Save the Dates, invites, programs, thank you cards, etc. I've fallen in love with the font below and I am struggling to find two or so others that pair well with it.

I'd appreciate any help in creating a consistent, beautiful, and legible design. (Lots of old people attending!)

Thank you, thank you!

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A challenging task.
And I suppose at least one of them should be easily readable?

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Naturally. I'm partial to serifs so I was thinking something very structured and clean. Just wanted to see if there were any particular suggestions?

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I'm kind of starting here:

After that, it's a question of just how much whimsey you want in the plain-legible text.

- edit -
Cleanest, least un-structured:

...friendly, a little informal/casual. If you're looking for more formality to contrast the face you're in love with, I think you'll need advice from wiser typophiles than me.

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