(x) The Back Shelf of Your Mind - (similar to) Erbar Cd {Erik S}

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Found this old 45 rpm record label, needless to say it's from the sixties...


The "Sea Ell" logo is set in a font called Tower.
But I don't know what font the songtitle (The Back Shelf of Your Mind) is. For the time being I will call it Back Shelf Condensed Bold. Does anyone know?

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It's hard to tell from the scanl maybe Intertype Vogue with its alternates?

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Thank you, Erick. I'm not familiar with either font you've mentioned, but this gives me incentive to find them.

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without access to any books i suggest checking out Erbar Condensed and Nobel Condensed (the original dutch one). Cap S and M would fit in there, but the R has me puzzled. Very nice though.

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