An informal faux-monospacef semi-serif

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My yet-to-be-named typeface has changed a lot since I posted my first drafts here, so I decided to star another topic.

I dropped most of the serifs, and left only those of them which enhance readability. The idea behind that was to "trap" each glyph in some sort of rectangular box and thus separate it from the rest in order for it to be processed more easily.
I also made the widths of the glyphs close to equal, to enhance this effect.

Click to open the thumbnails in a biggers size:

Right now I am on a quest of making it render properly in small sizes (not much success, so far):

I also plan to add cyrillic support(this is the first draft):

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Just joking :)

Share your opinion, here.

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You should modulate the "strokes" that result in heavy clotting, like in the я. Unless you like that look.


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I like it.

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@ hrant What do you mean by "modulate"?
Something like this?
From the previous version:

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Yeah, I think that might be about right, for the "z".


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