Pedal Car

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I'm helping with a pedal car restoration and need a little assistance. ID on the fonts used will save a lot of time. Thanks.

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Actually, given the relatively simple solutions, there is no compelling reason to believe that these samples were NOT hand-lettered by a reasonably competent craftsman. And, given the usage and the likelihood that this lettering was silk-screened onto the car, I have MORE compelling reasons to believe that I am right. As if I needed any more reasons. Well, okay: more like excuses, but what are you going to do?

I did a couple fonts, based on similar sources, which are “kind of like” your samples, but nowhere near close enough for a cigar.

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Champion looks like Futura - back-slanted with an added connecting line and a replaced /C

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For your second sample: a list of "Connected Chrome Scripts" at Fontshop, some more tags at MF "here and here

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