Relative Similarity of Open Sans & Lato Fonts to commercial fonts

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What commercial fonts would be similar to Open Sans and Lato fonts from the Google Web Font Directory? Rather what fonts are similar to these two

EDIT: Rephrased the question

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This may be a stupid question, but why a "trademarked" font? In the good old US of A, AFIK, a trademark can only be applied to the NAME of the font, not the design. The design of the font can be patented with a Design Patent, but too many fonts look similar in some way or another to this excellent and FREE design, that it is not likely that such a patent would be granted.

OTOH, the font information itself—i.e., the actual code used to generated the font within the OS or wherever—is more or less covered by a common-law copyright, which is enforceable in a US court of law if a fake can be proven to be an outright copy, beyond any reasonable shadow of a doubt. Hello, lawyers' fees.

So: is "free" not cheap enough, or does someone need to toss a lot of dough around to feel like a big shot? Because, if the latter is the case, whoever wants to feel like a big shot can impress the hell out of me, and STILL use the free font. If you catch my drift…which, if you are not yet certifiably insane, you might not…

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lol oldnick,

I must have phrased the question wrong to get such as response :), but what I was wanting to know is what fonts are similar to the two types. ie frutiger, gill sans, etc, etc etc.

For instance I can look at Gandhi and see that I could possibly use that for Gill Sans, but for Open Sans an and Lato I was not sure what they could possibly be a substitute for.

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Okay, thanks for cluing me in. Frutiger is A-OK in my book, as is Myriad and Symbol. Gill-wise, Syntax is pretty okay, too, and—IMHO—somewhat under-appreciated.

Also, thank you for noticing how I can take a small bit of unclarity and make a big deal about it. It is what Civilized People™ do best…

BTW, Shakespeare wrote a play about that, but I forget the title at the moment.

What is the emoticon for "seriously disturbed," anyway?

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Ok so I would be looking at typefaces in the Frutiger vein.

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