Works on Albert Boton

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I'm looking for some nice in-depth material (online or tree-based) on Albert Boton, hopefully including insights into his design philosophy.



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Other than what’s available here (, I suppose.

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I am looking for a good Armenian deli in the Washington, DC area…if there is such a thing.

By which I DO NOT mean that I don't think Armenians know their lunchmeats, but rather that I may be seeking what I cannot find, because there simply AREN'T any.

If you catch my drift.

Top that, Buster...

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Ask the ANCA's Washington office. But do not tell them I sent you.


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Whoa. Gotcha, bro. 'Nuff said. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge…

Does anyone have a freaking trap drum?

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Nope. Not into catching traps.

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Ypsilon will publish a monograph on Boton this year, at least that is what is stated in the booklet ‘Albert Boton, 21 planches typograpiques’ that I bought in La Hune on my last visit to Paris. Went there with my gf, since deceased. :=(
© 2011, numbered edition. I have #118 out of 125.

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Bert, thanks for the lead.


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