Serif Font to go with Monotype Grotesque Expanded

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Monotype Grotesque Expanded is one of my favorite fonts I finally got to use it but I can't find any serif face that goes well with it. any ideas?

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I loved the combo of Mono Grot and Egyptienne F in the Atlas of the Conflict designed by Joost Grootens.

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Perfect. thank you!

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I am of two minds on this subject—which for me, is mighty economical. Look: deep down inside, you KNOW why Monotype Grotesque Expanded sings to you. Something about it makes you FEEL good.

Check out a lot of serif fonts; if one makes you FEEL the same way, then that's your OTHER baby. You really DON’T need other people to rationalize your behavior. OTOH, if a suggestion works and you FEEL that it's the right thing to do, do it.

This concludes today’s Daily Sermonette on Doing the Right Thing. Dammit.

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Nice Sharing..Thanks

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