Bodoni On Acid

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from the BAT type family, by Charles Mazé

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Less filling

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Well, as one might imagine, your title thoroughly intrigued me.

Upon further inspection, the typeface itself might reasonably be described as advertised, but only if you're talking about Orange Sunshine, and only if you're talking about half a tab.

If you know what I mean, which you shouldn't if you're well behaved, but—hey! Hrant is in the house, so you know "good deportment" is off the table...

Just trying to help you keep in the competition, buddy…

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Hey, I've been a citizen for a while now.


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I hear you, pal, but: "good citizen" and "good deportment" don't always go hand in hand—especially if you happen to drive in really scary traffic, like we have in the Washington, DC area.

Believe it or not, there are some people who believe that, if traffic laws are not strictly enforced, neither are the laws of physics. Which would be okay if such scofflaws might end up killing only themselves; unfortunately, that's not always the way it works. If you catch my drift…

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I know what you mean old nick. Orange sunshine.

BTW I've only recently discovered the fonts you have designed. You are quite good at this thing. I have always loved the American speed limit sign font, as you riffed off of for your Outer Loop. Those letters are very elegant, but not fey; smooth, but not playful. They are incredibly legible as well, even at the smallest point sizes. The offical URW version doesn't come with any lowercase, though there is Saa EM D, that does have miniscules, though the font is slightly wider and bolder.

I also think your Decimosexto is very good.

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Thank you for those kind words. My core mission is to share the love…and make a few bucks doing it…because you gotta eat…and pay the rent…and all of the other stuff which, unfortunately, you need money to buy.

Speaking of sharing the love, I gave a lot of free fonts away for awhile—as did a great many other folks—to share the love (and let me perfect my craft without charging people to buy my mistakes), until the good folks at ITC taught me that there was a buck to be made…because you know why. And a wonderful lady named Ilene Strizver taught me how the pros did it. More love shared, more opportunities to spread the love.

Unfortunately, there are people ought there who thought that THEY ought to make a buck off all this love-sharing. For a time, I offered all of my free fonts on my website. The crooks, rather than simply downloading the fonts and posting them on their ad-supported sites, instead hot-linked to my site—which, at the time was metered. When it ended up costing me $800 in one year to share the love because these assholes were hijacking my bandwidth, I called off the lovefest. I know it sucks, but I get the message: "No good deed goes unpunished."

So, live and learn. But, I am thinking, it would be really nice if some—if not all—of the folks I shared the love with showed a little of THEIR love by sending me one lousy dollar as a token of their appreciation.

How many people is that? Hard to tell but, best I can figure, it's about three million people—maybe more, but certainly not a whole lot less. Since that number will be multiplied by one, it is not hard to do the math. If everyone who benefited from my love-sharing ponied up a lousy buck to show their appreciation, I could give ALL of my good stuff away for free…every last bit of it, and STILL have more money than I could possibly spend sensibly.

If it comes to that, however, I will be sure to program it http referrer, and keep the jerks from making me pay AGAIN for simply sharing the love.

So, as you can see, MY experiences with Orange Sunshine have left me a little loopy…

P.S. If I ever do initiate this cockamamie scheme, I have GOT to get PayPal to turn off email notification below a certain threshold, because I DO NOT want to end up being pissed off because THERE IS WAY TOO MUCH GOOD NEWS in my inbox. If you catch my drift…

Which you will, Ryan, because you have been there and done that…

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I been when and done who, now?

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Do not sweat it, man. You are NOT crazy. At least, not yet. Consider this fair warning.

It is not uncommon for people to end up scratching their heads and saying, "What the HELL just happened?" virtually anytime I pass on through, spreading the love. Or the fertilizer. Take your pick. I prefer the former. But, WYSIWYG…

Twenty-three skidoo!

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