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So i'm risking my head on this chopping block. I am submitting the new identity for our Design firm. It's a new company, a subsidiary from another. We're situated in Montreal, so it's in french. So those who don't understand, on the first image, the official logo is at the bottom, and the others above are variations for the differents services. By lack of time, we didn't create the typography for the logo.
And on the other image, it is the business card, for the 3 associates. The format of the card is credit card size.

So tell me what you think.


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I like the type by itself. The bracketed character seems to just distract from the logotype. It also seems a bit cliche (ie, bitmapped type for interactive...way overdone...)

If anything, I'd stick with the 'ae' or just get rid of it all together. Let the logotype do the talking.

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I like the idea of the different marks for different divisions, but it seems like a lot of marks for one group. Will they be used separately that much? I agree with darrel that they'd all probably work without the extra marks.

Anyway, if you do need/want the variations, then you should make them either more distinct from each other or more uniform. At a glance, 'mouvement' and 'interactif' are very different from the others, which all read as nearly the same. Also, the 'm' is so different that it feels out of place. It's so strong and stylized that it overpowers the words. But on the other logos, the letters are much simpler and don't add much.

I think you should either make the bracketed letters all very strong, or all the same as the logotype, or just remove them altogether.

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ok .. thanks for the comments

in fact, the different variations were more to value the evolution capabilities of the original logo (the "AE") They are not to be used unilateraly. We didn't work as much on the different variations, but i like the possibility that an original logo can be developped into other long term possibilities... maybe I shouldn't have posted them first

The brackets were added to stylise the too straight and boring lines of type. It sort of humanises it. By the way, the type is Interstate. But i'll try other possibilities besides the brackets.

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__ The brackets were added to stylise the too straight
and boring lines of type. __

No, dat`s sound like an alibi to me, play the accordion
with those lines of type, it will be enough.


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Are you familiar with the US clothing retailer American Eagle? They can be found at Although I don't see the mark on their site, they have very frequently used an "ae" mark very similar to the gestalt you posted. I think combining an "a" and an "e" like this is fairly common. I even did it myself once for a company named "Peak". So, even if your "ae" mark doesn't infringe upon anyone elses, I'd suggest creating something more original.

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It's no alibi, it really makes that text real dynamic. I like the contrast between the two expressif and posed graphic elements. The left alignment is part of the concept so I don't see the reason to move that around, if playing the accordeon is that what you mean.


No i did not know that clothing retailer. But first of all, contexts of utilisability are to be understood to make parallels I think. Of course, using a type glyph will be an element somewhat of already seen. But making an image is more that a logo, so I don't really see a problem there. We are a design firm and no selling product company. We don't really bother of the simplicity and straight forwardness of the logo, and it is still one of the most respected design businesses in the world.

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__ it really makes that text real dynamic. __

Well, if you think so then it`s fine, I just don't see
how those brackets can make your image.


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I think what some of us are saying (or at least what I'm saying) is your logotype is strong all by itself. The brackets and letter don't really add anything...but rather they just distract from the nice type.

I actually do like the business cards. Perhaps that's what you go with...just use one bracket as an ancillary element to the nice type logomark.

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nice analysis; I have started to produce some prints for our company, and it has become an alignment reference. I find it interesting to have a graphic element to play with.. that can be expressif and serve as a simple alignment.

Furthermore, I never liked the idea of a fixed logo. I have used the type alone... and it was interesting, but in a contrast within a dynamic page. And the contrary with the brackets .. but in a sobre background. I don't think that a logo has to be integral, 100 % of the time.

Thanx for all the comments everyone.. it has helped grow our image concept!

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Alter and Alessandro. I had to look to see _what_ you were on about. It seems to me it is just a little mis-communication. I like the curly-brackets and think that in most cases you, Alter, have used them to call attention to the most important bits. Used this way they aren't only decoration but do help segment and give hierarchy to the text.

My 2¢

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