Looking for a serif and sans-serif to complement each other: 3-4 weights each, with a full Roman and Cyrillic character set.

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I'm working on an identity and brand development for a hair salon in St. Petersburg, Russia. We are at the point where we are starting to develop a color palette & research appropriate typeface. (The logotype and monogram are hand-lettered.) Now, this is a high-end salon that (depending on the success of the first location) will spread across the country (and maybe internationally?) like wildfire! ;)

I am looking for two typefaces: a serif and sans serif to complement each other. The catch...they both need to have at least 3-4 weights and be available in both Roman AND Cyrillic versions. The full glyph set, numerals, punctuation, mathematical symbols, etc.

Any thoughts?

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The Modern Suite: two weights serif (but optical sizes), three weights sans:
Scotch Modern
Figgins Sans

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Thanks Paul & Nick!

Paul, I have that book and looking through it religiously.

Nick, will have to take a look at those two typefaces to see how much of a match they are for the brand they're trying to establish/develop.

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