Does anybody know which design studio or type foundry designed Samsung’s corporate typeface?

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Left-hand side: FF Isonorm; right-hand side: Samsung Imagination.

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Generally, I have found it useful to pose this kind of question to the people most likely to know the answer: like Samsung's marketing department or advertising agency-of-record. But that's just me: why make things simple, right?

Both "versions" are okay, but I have problems with both, which is why I applied the same basic principles in a slightly different way...

Now, the "whodunnit" is removed from the mystery. Whether or not my solution represents the best of both worlds is entirely your decision. I'm a "type designer", not a mind reader…although I would probably be a lot richer type designer IF I WERE a mind reader. However, I am not entirely sure that the upside of reading the current" group mind" would, in any way, outweigh the downside.

If you catch my drift. Which you probably don't. Consider yourself blessed, because my wife considers me touched…and not in a good way.

Just thought I would clue you in…

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