Why can

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the title says it all, im working on a paper about him and i cant believe the lack of information in the web, can you write down an URL about his life with biographic data
thanks a lot

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This interview will perhaps help you a bit.

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Why don't you just write to him (politely) and ask what you want to know? His contact info is listed on his site here: http://home.pacbell.net/doyald/cost.html.

There's nothing like going directly to the source.

-- K.

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Speaking of, if you're in Saint Louis, the local AIGA will be hosting Doyald on March 28, 2003.

More info at stlouis.aiga.org

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a recent interview here

Doyald speaks at the MoCA next week.

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And until the end of January the MoCA has a Gehry exhibit too.


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