Looking for typography (and/or web design) essays

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Hi there, typophiles, I'm looking for online essays, articles or blogs on typography and web design and I was hoping you could help me find some. It's for my interpreting homework so I need just articles by native english speakers.
The second thing is I have to search the articles for typography related verb-noun collocations (such as "set a text"). So far I've read a few posts on ilovetypography and I wasn't able to find any, so I was just wondering -- Are there some typographic verb-noun phrases you commonly use?
Thanks in advance

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Compose a page
Lay out a document
Cast off a manuscript (= count words to fit to page count)
Design a book/font/whatever
Kern a letter pair
Proofread a proof (kind of redundant)
Impose a book (arrange pages into signatures)
Export a file (to PDF)
Delete … uh, just about anything

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Thanks a lot! If you come up with more phrases or articles I'd be grateful.

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Cut a punch
Temper a punch
Punch a matrix
Cast a {type, letter, figure, line}
{Pour, Break} a mo(u)ld
Ink a {plate, roller}
Test a {typeface, layout, design, style}
{Render, Rasterize} a {font, typeface, image}
Engrave a {score, piece} (music)
Float a {figure, graphic, image, chart, table}
Pull a quote
(Im)press a {page, sheet}
{Bold, Italicize} a {letter, number, glyph, word, phrase}
Letterspace a {word, phrase}
Indent a {line, paragraph}
Hang a {paragraph, {comma, hyphen, quote, ...}}
Scale a {image, chart, graphic, figure}
Align a {column, table, paragraph, block}
Justify a {paragraph, block, text}
Break a {word, line, paragraph}
Hyphenate a {word, phrase}
{Split, Break} a table (across pages)
{Condense, Expand} a {font, letter, word, phrase, line, paragraph, text}
Squeeze a {column, paragraph, block}
Wrap a {line, paragraph}
Pitch a {design, layout, typeface} (not really restricted to typography)
Greek a {line, paragraph, text}
Quad a {space, line, gap}
{Choke, Jam, Hose} a printer
Hint a {font, outline}
(Auto-)Trace a {font, outline, image}
Expand a path
Antialias a {font, image, curve, line}
Fill a counter
Number a page
Lead a {paragraph, text}
Feather a {block, page} (increase leading to fill a text block)
Switch a {font, typeface, ink} (actually applies to anything interchangeable)
Rescue a {widow, orphan}
Stack a diacritic
Run down a line (fill out a line with nonsense in linecasting systems, usually ETAOIN SHRDLU)
Open a press
{File, Log} a bug report

Oddities and obscurities:
Lipsum a {paragraph, text} (from ‘lorem ipsum dolor sit amet’)
Kashida a {word, line}
Swash a {stem, serif, letter}
Foliate a {page, leaf}
Found a typeface (rare)
Spot a colo(u)r (use a spot colo(u)r instead of regular CMYK)
{Choke, Spread} a trap (different methods of compensating for colo(u)r misregistration)
Control a point (rare)
Scrape a palimpsest

Funnier ones:
Steal a sheep
{Endure, Cajole, Mollify, Please, Berate, Ignore, (Im)press} a client
Burn a bridge
{Endure, Sleep through} a presentation
Tolerate an {apprentice, devil}
Decipher a {TrueType hint, script}
Comprehend a design
Ignore a critic
Sacrifice a {chicken, ideal, moral}
French a curve
Reticulate a spline
NURBS a Bézier
Etaoin a Shrdlu
Titivillate a {scribe, calligrapher}
Bedevil a printer

There are lots more but I’m running out of ideas at the moment.

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Trap a corner
Cut a trap


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"French a curve"

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All good advice, but…

If you want to capture people's attention, simply do something that they cannot believe is real.

Like considering voting for a guy whose sole claim to expertise is making rich people richer.

It's all about the OMNEY.

You know: go viral…

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@dberlow: ‘French’ is a perfectly cromulent verb. After all, even the eminent Frank Zappa used it: “half an hour later she had frenched his fry”.

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Thank you all. Now I just hope I'll find some of them used in a text.

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Thank you for cluing me in to a new word—which basically means cool, groovy, copasetic or twenty-three skidoo. That clears a lot up. Or thoroughly confuses the issue, if you have no idea what I am talking about.

Which, as any reasonable person may be led to assume, I have no idea what I am talking about most of the time. As do many other people.

Who, for instance? Take my wife. Please.

Can I PLEASE get a rimshot!

Hrant: I told you appearing to be screwier than me was gonna be tough…

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My hunch is you recently got some very good news and you're giddy like a schoolgirl. Again. ;-)


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Bend it like Bézier.


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[...]Hi there, typophiles, I'm looking for online essays, articles or blogs on typography and web design and I was hoping you could help me find some. It's for my interpreting homework so I need just articles by native english speakers."[...]

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