Whitman Bold Italic

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Does anyone know of a Whitman Bold Italic?
I do love Whitman of Kent Lew a lot, though this is really missing.

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I think Kent once told me that he resisted making a Bold-Italic originally but he knew he eventually would have to make one.


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I really do hope he comes up with a Bold-Italic as many creative people have a high demand for it.
[I did contact Kent about that but got no reply]

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Some designers choose to leave out bold italic on purpose, when they make classic book faces. I did the same with Delicato. depending on demands I might reconcider this in the future, just like Hrant mentioned Kent did...

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Wow - Delicato is also one of my favourites!! And reconsidering a Bold Italic is a very good decision - many will highly appreciate that.

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Not currently available, but new weigths may be under development.
I'd contact Kent directly for more information.

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