Daphne by Georg Salden

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Daphne was developed from a text written with a broad nib pen. A large number of calligraphic swashes are available for the strong and sharp-edged figures of Daphne Expert. They can be added to the letters via OpenType feature. Because many swashes fit on different characters, the combinations possible are endless. Alternate and complete swash characters offer additional options. An unique application for designers with a calligraphic instinct.


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I can see it in various logos, but why do I get the feeling it needs a set of Cyrillic shapes?

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Cyrillic shapes?

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Glyphs, whatever... Just looks to me Cyrillic set with this would look nice even if I do not understand any language using Cyrillic.

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I agree with Reynir.

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I see what you mean. Early cyrillic script seems to have similar characteristics: Alphabet Prayer

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