(x) Special Girl Love - Candice {Chesh}

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I have been unsuccessful in identifying this font. I am on a deadline and would appreciate help to find out where I can purchase it.
Thanks in advance.

application/x-macbinaryUnidentified font type
Type.jpg (237.9 k)

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The image didn't come through. Can you try posting it again?

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My bad -- I just had to download it. It's Candice.

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by the way - the original typeface is Gaston

David Hamuel

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I know! How cruel is that? It actually would have been under 2 minutes had the image shown up right away and I hadn't spent time clicking the link over and over... Still, this ID has come up before. As Hrant says, "Come on, Trajan?"

By the way, I think the overall leader, at least for 2003, must be Yves. 2002 is probably close between Yves and Stewf. But I haven't counted 'em up.

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Yeah, we need to do this live.
TC2004? The logistics would be a female dog though.


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Dude, how do you give the turn to the correct guesser, without having the attendees spend a month sitting mostly idly in the hotel's conference room? :-/ You're probably thinking of some canned type-ID contest - not bad, but probably less interesting to watch.

I think a workable "dynamic" model could be this: a m

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I'll take Garaldes for $200, Alex.

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If it ends up as a restricted group of participants, maybe the Typophile speed chart (or a combination of speed and success numbers) should determine the "panelists"? That might help boost Typophile membership too. Even more, I mean.


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The TypOlympics. I think I mentioned this idea to either Jared
or Joe about six months ago. It would involve a bunch of things, including Type IDs.

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> TypOlympics



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>If it ends up as a restricted group of participants, maybe the Typophile speed chart (or a combination of speed and success numbers) should determine the "panelists"?

I don't think that's a good idea. I think I'd make a decent panelist, but you won't find me on the speed charts because I'm hampered by an incredibly slow modem.

Would a live ID contest be "open book"? And in what form -- online access? Specimens and catalogs at hand?

I think a "closed book" contest might separate the geeks from the googlers.

-- K.

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I think Kent's objection is to the selection of the panelists. And I realize now that he's right: it would in fact skew the results to the affluent*. On the other hand, if it could be made to benefit Typophile (through a closed selection from paying members), then that might be justifiable.

* This, even though people who can't afford a fast connection are unlikely to show up at TC2004 anyway...

BTW, Tiffany, you want us to draw the font to be identified?! ;-)


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Darn, that would have a 2:00 ID, but ended up being 4:59 instead.

We're rootin' for you Chesh!

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Fine idea Hrant. Not too tough... just project type samples
in front of contestants with buzzers.

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haha! Actually I had talked with Tamye about helping plan some special events for TypeCon 2004.... and I was thinking of an ID game sponsored by Typophile. Perhaps we should work out the details here as a group, then take it to TypeCon?

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I agree with Kent. If there is some sort of live quiz at TypeCon next year I think it should be done with paper and pencil and no computer. In the long run it isn't the link to the font that matters, it is the name. Ok, well, that's my opinion.

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Guys, just stumbled unto this thread and I laughed
out loud the whole way through. There's some nuggets
in here. If I can make the trip Stateside count me in!

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