Curently clueless about a few things...

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One problem is explained reasonably clearly (I hope) here…

Another problem is: I am not exactly sure where the proper "price point" is for these handy tools.

Too much, and nobody will buy them; too little, and I am giving away the farm. Unfortunately, when I Google, looking for some comparable products, I either end up with 404s, or I land on some page with an extremely annoying feature: a pop-up box appears smack dab in the middle of the screen and, if you try to scroll around it, it follows you. And, then, just to make it patently clear to you that YOU WILL READ WHAT I HAVE TO SAY, it blacks out the REST of the screen.

Well, Bub. I have news: if you are going to go to such extremes to make my compliance mandatory, I am going to do you one better: I am going to close the tab BEFORE you have a chance to load your spiel. So, Mister Smarty Pants, you lose; unfortunately, so do I, because I was not going to be forced to read your stupid message before I got to the info I was looking for. What a winning business strategy: lose-lose. Who wouldn't want to do business with a concern with an attitude like that?

Time for an irony break.

Anyhow, anybody got any clues? I could sure use one that didn't come with a gun to my head attached to it.

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P.S. Thanks, Kent, for putting this on the radar.

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