Looking for good serial number font

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At work, finally learning how to do print merges, so I can do 8 up sequentially numbered raffle tickets and etc.
Having a bit of trouble picking which font I should use for this. It needs to be official looking and yet somehow hand stamped. Something exceptionally clear, in a weight somewhere in between narrow and medium.

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Listen to Kent: that IS the right tool for the job.

As is Print Merging: an excellent thing to know how to do when certain kinds of jobs need to be done. Once you get clued into how it works, you can find a lot of other uses for it. And, if you are the go-to guy for it—as I was in my last job—you become a valuable member of the team. Which means your job is a bit more secure that it might otherwise be. Which, given the still alarmingly high unemployment rate, is encouraging.

Study it well, Grasshopper.

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just forgot to say that this worked great. Thanks!

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