Copy glyph kerning values to another glyph

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I have a one glyph with long list of exception kerning values and another glyph that is a key glyph in my class kerning setup. I'd like to copy all glyph's (exception) kerning values to that key glyph. Multiple weights with this same problem, so there's quite a bit of work to do manually. Any ideas? Maybe Python scripts, texteditors or even Excel could do some find/replace magic?

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Copy left/right kerning is one of FontLab's 'Paste Special' functions. It isn't 100% reliable, and the results need to be checked carefully, but should work in the situation you describe. In Windows FontLab, select the first glyph, Ctrl+C, select the second glyph, Alt+Ctrl+V opens the Paste Special dialogue.

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Thanks John! Seems to copy everything so far.

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