your typeface suggestion: a clarendon or a modern, large x-height...

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Hi again all.

I have a customer who is using a typeface they found that, to me, looks like a cross between Helvetica Condensed and Franklin Gothic (with an enormous x-height, though they tend to use it in all-caps, so that may be moot). As such, it's a little bit like white rice. It needs a sauce-and-a-side that will bring out the brand they're trying to portray.

And that brand would be old-americana and simultaneously high-end-and-classy. So I'm looking for a typeface, preferably high x-height, that plays well with what they're using and says that. I'm leaning toward things like this:

Some Moderns might work if they have a reduced contrast between the thicks and thins, and if the serifs are a bit chuncky and non-delicate/fragile. Or some egyptians/clarendons might work if they aren't too Century-Schoolbook-y.

Or, what works for you? Please help.

Font sample of their pet typeface is available here:

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Farnham is pretty yummy dude, Sentinel is awesome too. But its hard to tell if it works without a sample of this Helvetica-Franklin hybrid. Farnham, Sentinel & Fairfield definitely says more class than Kameron so I'd rule that one out.


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I'm smelling a De Vinne.


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Hrant - do you mean ?

Nick - great face, that.

Riccardo - I shoulda thought of superellipses, they might match a shape. But nothing "nostalgia but high-class" there.

They went with Sentinel. I'm not displeased (although their sans, called "Milford," leaves something to be desired).

Thanks again, all.

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De Vinne can be considered a genre of typeface, and Publication JNL is typical. Looking at the ones on MyFonts, Romana* might be better, especially in your case since narrow = classy.



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