FontLab 4.6 released

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Thought I'd spread the word, courtesy of a release from Mr Harrison:

Free FontLab Update - both Windows and Mac

Version 4.6 enhances GUI and adds workflow improvements

Fontlab Ltd. announces a new update to it's flagship product,
FontLab 4. This new version is a free update from v4.5 and includes
many bug fixes and GUI enhancements. In addition there has been a lot
of improvement of the workflow features to increase efficiency and
ease-of-use in a production environment.
Changes include:
* An updated UI with expandable Properties panel, improved
Transformations (applicable to font and metrics windows) and many less
visible refinements.
* Two versions of the UI: when FL4.6 is run for the first time there is
a choice to run it with the standard FL UI or with a simplified version
with fewer toolbars and controls (this is Windows-only at present).
* Improved drawing: the drawing pen now has some AI features and
appearance, so people who work in AI will feel more comfortable in FL.
* MM TT: It is now possible to convert a T1 MM font into TT outlines
without damaging the MM structures. Users can then hint the MM TT font
and apply TT hints to the intermediate designs. This makes it possible
to use one set of hints for a multiple-weight family and can save a lot
of time.
* Font blending is much improved and now includes automatic blending of
composites and hints. This really speeds up the process of extending a
font family.
* Users can now automatically generate a basic set of OT features for a
simple T1 font. This makes T1->OTF conversion easier.
* Level 2 and Level 3 EPS I/O is supported, so it is much easier to
exchange EPS files with the latest versions of AI.

Updates are free to licensed users of FontLab version 4.5x. Browse
to For version 4.0x users the
upgrade is still just US$99 and for FOG and version 3.x users the
upgrade is only US$299:

Ted Harrison
FontLab Ltd.

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