How to create a bitmap only TrueType font?

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Here is my situation:
I have a bunch of bitmap fonts (Windows FON files) with different codepages
and with a set of sizes each.

I would like unify them all in one bitmap only True Type font.
Is this possible? What is the best Windows software for this task?



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See Making TrueType bitmap fonts -- but please note the "last updated" date ...

Bitmap-only fonts are really a technology of the past, and FON files even more so. The Windows 7 command line console must be the very last software to actively need it!

My home system, Mac OS X, allows any installed font to be used for its Terminal. And it has more advantages -- for example, Terminal also supports ANSI coloring, XTerm style. The same program on Windows 7 shows lots of useless uninterpreted escape codes, since I have no idea how to install ol' ANSI.SYS on Win 7.

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