Serif replacement for Impact

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I am working on a label and the name of the product is set in Impact 20pt, 80% horizontal, 100% vertical. This is visually perfect, of source I wish I could use a narrow font instead of the 80% scaling but my main problem is that the label would be even better if the product name was set in a serif font.

So I am looking for suggestion for a serif font that has similar weight, proportions and visual impact as Impact. Any ideas?

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For a slab, Soho.
Didone: Bodoni Black Condensed.

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Maybe Aachen?

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At ATypI last year Roger Black gave a talk on a set of web fonts built on Impact's metrics. Might be worth tracking down.

Cheers, Si

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FB is working on these for Webtype under the banner “HE fonts.” I think Cyrus Highsmith is spearheading the development. Nick Sherman would know the status. They’re conceived as a short-term solution for what is hopefully a temporary problem. (Don’t know if they’d survive being additionally scaled to 80%; they barely survive the adaptation to Impact’s metrics.)

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Thank you everyone very much! In the end Aachen worked out best.

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