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O.k., i really dont have much of an idea what to do. I have made a font (in 4 weights) and am in the process of making others. They are not amazing, but they are my first so i suppose that's o.k.

I am wondering, when i get my website set do i get a 'license' or whatever i need to be able to sell my fonts, and generally what do i need altogether, so i have 'ownership' of the fonts, (or what all the other companys have)

at the moment i just have fonts on my computer, but when i get some good started and finished, i would like to be able to sell them...i need to know everything involved, please.

(by the way i'm only 15, would that be any trouble?)

i did look around the forum for about 15 minutes, but couldn't find a relevant topic to exactly what i need, i may just be blind though

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I don't know if it's different in the UK, but over here in the US if you made it, it's yours. You can sell it any which way you choose: through a credit-card setup on your site, by licensing it through a font house (like MyFonts; but then you lose some rights/money), or even eBay I guess! You do have to pay taxes on sales (unless your total income is too small to qualify); and you might need a business license, but over here at least you can get away without that - or at most you should do a Doing-Business-As "ficticious business name" setup (costs around $75 or something). Maybe your best bet is to simply walk into your town/county offices and ask them what your laws are. Or a Brit Typophiler can assist you with the details.


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i'm pretty sure my sister has a business set up, (she did it in school when she was 17-18 as part of the work, it's called young enterprise) so hopefully i shputld be able to work through that till i've got some more money

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