Outter Space Slab Serif

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Need your advice/criticism
This is a school project and the concept of the project is a boutique hotel with a space-cowboy theme.
Wild West meets intergalactic. I want to come up with a typeface for the logo.
The thing that seemed logical for me to do is design a futuristic looking slab serif. The slab serifs that are usually
associated with wood-type letter-pressing.
So let me show you what I've got so far and let me know what you think or any suggestions. Thank you very much once
again typophiles.
Oh yeah, the name of the hotel is 'Galileo'.

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I REALLY like the overall effect. I think it evokes exactly what you're trying for.
If you hadn't said that the word was GALILEO, I'd of thought it was CALILEO. It just doesn't look Geeish.

The thin-lines version isn't suitable for white-on-black use. The thin lines almost disappear in the large size, and everything disappears in the sub-text.

The sketches with the Tuscan effect completely lose the space-modern feeling - glad you decided against them!

- Herb

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Thank you for the comment Herb.
I did not decide against the sketches, I just did not digitalize them.
I made the tuscan versions to make it seem more obvious that its wild west.
I think at this point, I'll go ahead and work further on the more space looking one
that you prefer.

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I would agree with Herb about the G looking a like a C, but I don't think you should rule out the Tuscan effect just quite yet - I feel like it would've been the cowboy half of the typeface. Right now, for me, it feels like the digital version is about 98% space themed. Maybe if the slabs were dramatically heavier than the stems it'd feel more letterpress/western poster?

I think as long as you carry on the asymmetric weight / deconstruction of forms, mixed with high contrast geometric shapes, you'll still have a spacey typeface that looks like it's from the west. If you added the Tuscan effect that is.

I like the idea though for sure, and I think it will really come together when paired with that space cowboy imagery.

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Also, i'm no longer calling it Galileo.
I haven't decided on a name yet, but here is a list I composed.
Please feel free to comment on the possible names:

Tough Star
Super Buffalo
Buffalo Star
Orbital Horse
Planet Horse
Starry Pistol
Wild Space
Cosmic Brand
Dusty Star
Howdy Star
Infinite Lands
Neon Billy
Space Trails

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This looks great. Keep going. It made me think of this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTa2vXL7FI8

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Why are there different thin-widths among the glyphs in the first of these three images? Personally, I like the super-high-contrast version more.

The bottom part of /S/ is too wide.

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I'm just trying out different styles, and posting it to see what you guys think

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I like these new brass-like-decoration sketches!

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thank you Riccard0!

i think at this point, the deconstructive structures with the tuscan decorative flairs, is a good enough mix of the two personalities. What do you guys think?

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Layered fonts maybe?

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I did sketches for a similar idea once, more with a condensed/compressed wood type grammar.
I think it will be difficult to merge ideas without being either too crude geometrically or not enough geometric (with complex curves).

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Really cool project. The end result isn't really galactic to me, but it was a joy to see the whole process. You have a lot of good ideas which could potentially become several typefaces.

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