Looking for a font....

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I have seen a font that I want to use for a business card. I have searched various websites for hours but have not found it - although it is not especially novel.

I think the easiest way to describe it is as follows: the left side of the characters (I am only using caps) is not included. So an "E" looks like three horizontal lines. And a D looks like a backwards C. And a P looks like a small backwards C, raised up off the bottom line. And an N looks like a tilted V.

Does anyone know what this is called, or where I can find it?


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Without an image (or a link to one), it's impossible to answer your question. How the OTHER characters or glyphs look is also important. BTW - you should probably use the "edit" link to move this out of the Design forum into the Type ID forum. .. Hope I'm not pre-empting you, Riccardo :)

- Herb

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Is this business card intended for many people in a company or just a few? If you want a hand-written look for a small group, why not have someone hand-write them?

I have a small pet-peeve re faux hand-written type that's clearly mechanical. Not saying there aren't good versions out there. Just sayin'.

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thanks for your comments.
Moving to the other forum - thanks for the idea
I am not looking for handwritten "look" - just that this is the only way I know to create it.

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I cut the left part of Arial capitals "EDPH" and then tried to identify this "font's" image.
The only typeface matching is Gestalt HTF Linear by H&FJ
Is this the font your are looking for?

PS: I see that this font is not offered by H&FJ site anymore - I don't know why.

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I would like to know what's the name of the pink font in this picture.

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good try and thanks so much for trying - that is kinda close but not it

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I used the cropping/matching method on a Futura and I found another 2 in the same style:

1. Edit by Margo Chase (T-26)
2. Labrat by Apostrophic Laboratories

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...and a script of same style: Bleak Future Hand by Jeni Pleskow (1997)

See the glyphs A-R below:

...but all these fonts seems rather unreadable to me, although I have to admit it depends on the actual text set - sometimes my eyes read the whole words and it's fine.

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Then there is the classic Bifur.

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This style, it's called 'shadow', right? Or was it 'shaded'?

@fvilanakis – You bellowed?

Edit: (To) bellow = (to) shout loudly / (a) bellow = loud shout or roar. It's kinda surprising how often Anglophones muggle up below and bellow. 'Eck, there are some that habitually write 'allot' when they mean 'a lot'.

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Oh! thanks Reynir, I didn't even know the word "bellow" ;)
(I will fix my previous message from "bellow" to "below")

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