G Anatomy Quandry - no spur - no throat

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Hey guys,

I am trying to write about this part of the attached G image and am wondering if there is a specific name for this instance of the G's anatomy. Any ideas would be helpful.



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Vertical stem.
(Unless the face is rectilinear.)

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I think I've seen it called a "beard".

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I thought it was a beard only if it reached the baseline.

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I think "beard" is for the part that projects at the baseline (if it's there). Like I would say that the /G in Optima has no beard, while Cheltenham's is quite hirsute!

I'm tempted to make up a new term (like "jaw") but otherwise I'd go with "stem".


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In type, 'beard' traditionally refers to the piece of the metal face below the baseline, usually corresponding to the descender depth.

I'd probably call this a vertical stub, or simply short vertical stem.

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I think in metal "beard" (also called "neck") means the slope between the face and the shoulder.


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But where is the G Spot?

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Thanks guys!

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