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Me (Gilles Pegel) and a friend (Sacha Rein) are setting up a simple but yet useful
and informative typographie related homepage and forum.
The webpage features a linksection, a meltingpot of works, infos etc. The site is still under construction as we don't have much time cause it's our last year at the ERG (Ecole de Recherche Graphique Brussels) and we got lots of other work ;) Like kerning fonts hehe ;)
We are students and do this in a NON-commercial aim. Every help is welcome! (like linking to our URL)
We are both working on fonts and they will be available in a few months maybe less.
If you are a typographer, be sure to contact us so we can improve our typographers & foundries section.
We would love to get some feedback! Any suggestions, help or comments, from either amateurs or professionals are very welcome. Thanks a lot

Please visit us at:


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nice site with a great forum.

lot of resources and links !


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Gilles, do you happen to know Johnny? ;)

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The bottled one, yes. The poster, no cause his username reveals not much. But hey it also seems to me that i will have to thank a friend?!:-)
Just finished the last missing glyphs of the Butter typeface, so i will release it as soon at it is spaced and kerned.

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Butter's looking pretty phat. I like aldo as well. Great start as a type designer.

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Great Website!

Gilles, Stephen has a very good point above. When a few other Offenbach students and I started TypeOff, we thought a lot about including a forum section. We didn't. Even if we wanted to reinvent the wheel, we wouldn't have been able to attract a community as good or as vibrant as the one here at Typophile!

Our second idea was to make a German-language only forum, but there were enough German-speaking type forums already (two, to be exact

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Hi everyone

Yeah, we both also thought about why creating a forum when there is typophile and some others. But hey we don't want to recreate typophile or any other, it's just like a little plus to a small webpage where we show our fonts. I think it's nice to have a online blog/forum where we can change and experiment things, meet people, get feedback on our fonts and the webpage. Even if we won't hit the 1000 userbar (sure that would be nice), that isn't our goal, we just want trypo to have it's own forum. It's easy to update news and stuff and users can interact by replying to topics like news or jell at me cause my font needs to be re-spaced;)
We both are from Luxembourg studying in Brussels and speaking German, French and English and are open for everyone. We set this forum up without worrying to much about when, who and where. I just look at it as a small place to discuss anything typerelated. There are supermarkets, but still small shops, there is the sea, but people still build pools, there is the rainforest but sometimes i take a walk in the park :-) I see it like this.

Well thanks Lauri, Stephen and Dan for the comments.
I really appreciate.
Have a great week!


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What is the goal of your forums? Why start a new forum when
there is Typophile? I mean this as constructively as possible.

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The more the merrier. I think it is a great idea for you to have a forum on your site to discuss your type. The only problem, and maybe it isn't a problem, is that the web is so full. Well, that is how I feel anyway. I'm overloaded already and cannot keep up.

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