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Could anybody recommend a more contemporary Roman-inspired typeface than Lithos or Trajan?

Many thanks.


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I don't think I understand your request; I don't mean to be snide, but it sounds similar to asking for a contemporary version of Cuneiform.

You might go to a site like MyFonts, look up Trajan or Lithos, and then see what they suggest as 'fonts like this' .


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What would be useful to know in some further detail is what is your goal. Trajan and Lithos are two very different designs, each referencing very different styles and times.
All that said, you could be interested in the work of Sumner Stone (

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Beaufort wasn’t directly inspired by ancient Rome, but the capitals do look a bit like a crisper “Trajan”, if that’s what you’re after.

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sorry for being vague - i was looking for something that has the same engraver qualities, but a more contemporary cut.

Sumner Stone just might be perfect - thanks!

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The most recent thread about a sans serif version of the classical lapidary style:

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