How to copy a "not for sale" font?

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Since I admire this typeface and it isn't for sale, is there any way I could create it from scratch?

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Have you tried contacting the agency to discuss the possibility of discreet licensing terms or, if it is tied to a specific client, asking if a similar but sufficiently different version is available or being developed for commercial release?

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Given the face is based on the Prada logo, I doubt there is any way Prada would let you do much with it.

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Looking further, there's a link to this page - the text (after the samples) indicates that it is NOT a completed font, merely exploratory; a work in progress.

- Herb

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You could give the A and R treatment to an open-source Times, suitably stretched and modded.

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Also: Aviano?

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Its really a good sharing links...ric

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