Late 80s Early 90s San Serif Font

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Hello Typophiles,

I was wondering if someone may be able to identify this font. I have not seen a font with the particular curling style of the V, and the end of letters in B and D.

Thank you for your help.

STB Logo8.69 KB
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Most of it is Squire

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Hi Renko,

Thanks for the tip - I was looking at Squire, however there are many differences, particularly on the vowels are there any other fonts like this?

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If it’s a logo chances are high that the designer adapted it to his/her purposes …

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Depending on the age of the sample, it could also be a pre-digital cut, featuring alternates (A, B, O, R) and more weights.

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Hi Riccard0

Yes this is probably the case, unfortunately for me the organisation is now defunct and has been superseded many times and those newer orgs. haven't kept any info on the logo or font.

How could I find out about the history of the font?

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