Uppercase, serif, fat face, extreme stroke variation, with some slab-like serifs and one numeral. And one VERY ODD bracket.

I know there must be hundreds of variations of the so-called English “fat faces”, but is there a close relative - or perfect match! - to these three letterforms? And yes, the resolution and detail in one of the attached files are unfortunately both lousy.

The smaller “4AD” file was taken from the official website. The “larger” one seems probably an stylization or maybe an earlier incarnation, as the counters seems to occupy much more space.

Thanks in advance and have a good day, typophiles!

: )

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WhatTheFont comes up with these:

Poster Bodoni (Bitstream, others)
doesn't have square cornered counter in the 'D'

Bodoni SH Ultra and Bodoni SB Ultra (Scangraphics)
has the counter, but the serifs are different.

- Herb

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Given it’s a well know logo, it could very well be custom.

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I'm looking at as big a version of the official logo as I've found, and I'm not sure the bracket actually looks like that. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_ncaZo6k5J7s/TLVCstPJMNI/AAAAAAAAAD4/UQ2l9nbMU_...

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Poor me thinking it was "one of those English fat faces"... ; )

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