ashes 2 ashes

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The title >> ashes to ashes << has been done lots of times in the music industry, so I wasn't all that concerned when a hip hop client requested that I create a cover design for his next LP/CD ... called ashes to ashes.

Here's the line work, which dollar symbol do you think works best??

Thanks in advance!


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First one.

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Thanks riccard0, I think so too. It flows better, but I had to try the full vertical dollar symbol stroke tho. The tension it creates is nice but that's exactly what gets in the way of the flow.

Bonus for trying the full dollar symbol stroke was that I found the word:


...and all the off-spring words coming from it, lol!


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It's a nice composition. But the type doesn't quit feel hip hop enough to me.

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timaarts, thanks. Ya, it's a bit to grade schoolish...I'm on it.


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Four dollar signs seems to make it too predictable. What about a progression?

BTW, is that a fist? If so, what about varying the knuckle heights to make it clearer?

Also check out this, from one of my most favorite foundries:


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hrant, thanks for the inspirational comments bro. Ya, I wanted to say /fist/ without pushing the 2/thumb vibe either way ... this or that ...and the knuckles too for that matter.

And thanks for the linkage, Alias Collection Klute is great, diggin' Pop also!

I'll try strengthening the grip of the fist by graduating the dollar signs from center outwards. and for that matter the letter shapes and knuckles too.

Predictable is a good word... stable, is another as in not dynamic enough. But the last thing I want to do is get comical about it.


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Hip hop is a lot about the $, so I would go all the way and use it.

I feel like the progression idea is getting in the way of symmetry, and people like symmetry.

As said before I think the type should be more bad ass. Maybe it's a cool idea to give it some perspective? Along with your 'wings'.

Your fist indeed should look a little bit more like a fist.

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I like the first one best. The progression suggested by hrant is a nice concept but I think it didn't work well with that one.

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Mos Def needs mo’ hip hop. #1 is the best starting point. Got’s to throw in a little graffiti fo’ sho.’ Try to make it less legible, and work in an arrow to lead the viewers eye through the decoding process.


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I like the first one best too. Not sure about the progression tho, I thing symmetry is cool here.
And about getting all bling bling and rapper with it, well it depends. I 'd say if they want to go all gangsta you probably need more richness to the details but if they're more ol'skool you can make it simpler.
Don't think you need to go fo' the graffitti thang -you made me laugh wit ya style Christopher Dean!!! :D
..Sorry, I had to.

Keep it legible, simple. Make it stand out amongst a bunch of cluttered stereotypes. This Mos Def cover was just that, not flattering but to the point. Tru that ;)

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New versions, I like to see more versions! :-)

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Thanks a ton for all the comments!!!!! I'll post up the new version shortly like.


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That's no Mos Def. That's Ford Perfect :)

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I think the first one looks better in a graphic design sense.
But the second one fits hip-hop graphics better.
What is that fist holding? money?
What style of hip-hop is it?

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