Please recommend match for FF Maverick

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Hello guys

Would you be so kind please, to recommend some nice typeface match, to go with FF Maverick?

I'm so undecided, I've been too close to this typeface, working with it for past few weeks, I could really use some 3rd party perspective.

Perhaps I could quickly explain what am I using it for.
I'm using it as part of the identity for new property. A very modern, minimalist condo tower, aimed at young and tech savvy, mid and higher level management kind of customers (price market target). Beside very modern design and simple interiors, it comes packed with lots of tech. Each room fiber optic wired, with access to 50mbps broadband, digital tv. Apps to control your unit, like Turn ON the Air-Con when you on the way home, check if there are any appliances left turned ON, and allowing you to remotely turn the power supply off, for that particular socket....and lots more...

FF Maverick is going to be the Head text for all the printed media. I need to find some suitable body text, which would work well with the whole image.

You have seen the font, now let me please attach small visual of the property, to help you visualize what I'm working with.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read, and I sincerely appreciate you suggestions.

Best regards


p.s. sorry for limited renderings, the architect still does many design changes, to comply with the city's requirements.

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FF Maverick has a very strong personality. It’s not the easiest task to find a suitable typeface for the corresponding body text. However, you could give FF Unit, FF Unit Slab, FF More or maybe even FF Sheriff a try.

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Thank you very much for your kind reply, I'm going to look through this fonts right away.

Have a nice weekend, thank you


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