Font suggestions for this shape

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Can you suggest a good type that will fuse with this shape? It is a work in progress visual identity.

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Carter Sans.

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Thank you dberlow and frode frank! Great suggestions!

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Look for incised, inscribed, flared.

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Thanks indra & riccard0!

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Look for incised, inscribed, flared.

Those slightly pointed rectangles remind me of Friz Quadrata.

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Fantastic! ThanksTheunis de Jong!

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FF Avance.


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Magma by Sumner Stone, or Basalt. Maybe Mantika Sans?

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I'd be careful about trying to hard to duplicate the weight and forms of your symbol. Could dilute the impact and create a bit of a thud.

There's Requium, which echoes the shapes but would partner the simplicity of your shapes with some elegance.

Or you could go with a type face that more subtly echoes rather than reflects the forms. Something like a Janson Text or Founders Caslon. You'd get the flexed shapes of your form in the serifs of the without a complete duplication.

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Late (again!): Beorcana?

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Hey thank you all, especially gfrederickk. You were right, I kept it slimmer than the shapes and it came out perfect.

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Dear Sir

I want to develop a new font for Urdu Language( Nastaleeq Script ) by using Calligraphic works of one of famous calligrapher.
Can someone inform me Step by Step detail how I can achieve this goal.

I shall be very thankful to him or her

With best regards

Rashid Shaikh

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Hey Muhammad, you should post this question as a new post. Will attract much more people.

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