SCRIPT font help!

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I really need help finding this font, if anyone can help - I posted this same topic a few months ago with no reply.

The picture says "Graceland"

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It's better to "bump" your old thread ( than to post a new one.

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wasn't even aware you could do that.

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Are you certain this is a font? If it is it's likely modified. The r is way too heavy. The swash n is not only unusual, the n like ending is often used in old style scripts for p making that look more like a p than n.

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I found it in a magazine along with numerous other headers that were created using the type - which is why I think it is a typeface. Although you may have a point that it may be a typeface that was altered. I'm not sure - which is why I posted it.

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the lowercase look like they are based on OPTI Zepplin Script

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Good one. The G is the copyright character!

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Hah.. Thanks guys!

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