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Here's a preliminary UC set for a font I'm working on. Rather than include a lc, I may just supply a set of alternates. What does everyone think of this idea? What do you think of the font? Which glyphs need work? The goal was to create a sans based on extremely geometric forms, but that still retains some subtle allusions to the pen.

And if anyone has any good ideas for a name for this face I would appreciate suggestions.


application/x-shockwave-flashflash example
newbie.swf (5.2 k)

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The "G" and "S" need work, but the rest is nice. I wouldn't mind a caps-only font, as long as you have alternates in the uppercase. I would put a curl in the "E", somehow - it's the most frequent letter (in English), and would spruce things up bigtime.

Name: Blowsy. Dunno why.
Anyway, something that starts with a "B", for sure.


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"Augustus Gloop"


I really struggled with the G, J and S. Now I'm at a point where I'm not sure what the next step is with these characters. I think I can resolve the G, but I don't know what to do with S and J. I originally envisioned a funkier E (thanks Hrant) but that plan got scrapped because I couldn't find a workable solution the first time around. Time for phase 2.

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I just noticed that the S has been massacred by conversion from eps to flash. Here's a more accurate reproduction.

application/x-shockwave-flashfixed S
s.swf (0.5 k)

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I find the S to be the hardest letterform to get right especially when it is part of a whole font (vs. a logo type) I think you are on a good track with the new S, but perhaps it should be a tad more "open".
As for the font as a whole I think it is really nice reminds me of a hybrid between Licko's Dogma and M.V.B's Bovine. A small cap version would be a nice.

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Have you thought about extending some of the swirls below the baseline?

The A and the R look a little truncated to me.

I like it...very cool.

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> Have you thought about extending some of the swirls below the baseline?

Actually they do dip below the baseline, but maybe they could go a bit further. I agree with you, especially about the A. I've done some more work on the J and S so here's a SWF.

application/x-shockwave-flashCAJS example
cajs.swf (1.0 k)

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Thanks for the feedback so far.

I've done some work on the G. This swf contains several variations. I feel the last one is the best, but I'm still not 100% on it. What can I do to nail this glyph down?

application/x-shockwave-flashg example
g.swf (1.5 k)

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I like the last one as well. When I look at it, I see an arrow going around in a circle...was that intentional?

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The arrow is not necessaarily intentional, though I noticed
it immediately as well. It's probably more subconscious
because I have a weakness for the dimensional arrow motif.

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I really dig this, Karl.

Nothing inherrantly wrong with an uppercase-only font, but
keep in mind it may hurt sales if you plan to market it. The
base utility of a font is often the buyer's first concern.

The glyphs that stand out in need of massaging are the 'G'
'J' and 'S'. But I'll let someone with more experience give you
some ideas on improving those.

Names: Creme, Fat Poster, Augustus Gloop (in honor of the
rotund German kid from Willy Wonka with the curl in his hair.)

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Excellent solution for the 'J', Karl. The 'S' looks great on this SWF too.

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Either 3 or 5 are most consistant with the rest of the design.
Looking good!

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