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Some stationary and biz cards about to be sent to the printer. I'd love to hear/read your thoughts.



application/pdfTrust Me Letterhead
TM Letterhead.pdf (76.3 k)

application/pdfTrust Me Biz Card
Trust Me Biz Card Sample.pdf (404.3 k)

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Frank could you repost using a gif or jpg format. I hate pdfs

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I actually like the big red block, but making it smaller won't hurt it too much and will give you a little more room. As long as your stroke is 1 to 1.5 point your printer should be able to hold it (although you may have to request metal plates) If they can't find a new printer.

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(they are screenshots right? not actual printable PDFs)

all i gotta say is i don't trust you! no but really, the name itself is hard to trust, and the red color with whispering doesn't enhance the trustability.

beside that, it's plain and okay, just nothing that stands out among other designs.

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I concur that GIF file is always preferable to a PDF.

As for the letterhead, what's the context? I guess it looks OK.

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> GIF file is always preferable to a PDF.

You can't be serious!


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Frank, I like the design (the drawing could use some polish), but it doesn't say "trust me" to me. No faces, whispering secrets. I get the concept, but I'm not sure it reads in the design.

That's some intense letterhead. I'm not sure that something that bold needs to be that big as well.

Also, I agree that PDFs are annoying if not supplemented by JPEGs or GIFs for quick viewing.

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i think the 'big red block' and the whispering looks a bit boring. It does look playful though and ummm not so pro. Ya i must agree with loren i cant trust it either.

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I guess it depends on what you consider "pro." A pro law firm? No. Design? Why not? Certain professions have more leeway. Whether or not it looks like pro design is rather subjective. I like the big red area, one of the reasons being that it reduces the amount of usable space on the page, making correspondence shorter (hopefully) and more efficient (hopefully) as well as making the copy look less deserted on the page. I also prefer business cards to be one sided, but that may be due to me being a simpleton.

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Hey, I work in Alexandria too.

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Hi everybody. Thanks for your comments. I posted this and then went off and had a kid.

Sorry about the bad previews. I had no idea they were of such poor quality. I promise to do better next time.

Never trust anyone who says Trust Me. That's the joke. The original logo was cooling towers.

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