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Hi folks,

I'm in a bit of a dilly of a pickle and I was wondering if any of you had a simple answer for me. The problem is this: I am building an iOS app that allows users to create photobooks on their phone. The problem comes in with the type. I have the font sent to -40 tracking in inDesign but unfortunately the iPhone SDK does not allow for tracking between characters without some pretty headache-inducing coding. So now I'm thinking of tacking a different tack: adjusting the tracking in-font using software like FontLab. Any ideas how to do this? Is it even possible?


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In FontLab: Tools, Action, Metrics, Adjust metrics, Right sidebearing, Adjust by -40, Apply to entire font, OK.

I don't know if "-40 tracking" in InDesign is -40 units-per-em or some other measure, so check.

Make sure the font license allows such modifications.

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Thanks so much for your answer. I'll look into the font's license to see if it's copacetic for me to make that kind of alteration.

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I would suggest looking for a narrower (version of the) font. A -40 tracking could severely impair legibility.

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