Multiple color fonts via overlay

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Hey everybody,

Fonts are single-color. Differently colored outlines or filled-in sections (the hole in the capitol 'P', for example) could be created via the use of two fonts, one or both being useless without the other.

Are there any common such font pairs out there that I should know about, or is this something that I would have to request from someone/build myself?

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There are countless. It depends on the style you need/want.
Just three that comes to my mind: Rosewood, History, Geotica.

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That's good to hear! Thanks.

Does the second font share the first font's name? I'm not sure how to look this up exactly.

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Often it depends on the effect. Rosewood and the like, for example, often use the word “fill” for the “secondary” font. More complex effects call for more creative names.
You could look for “chromatic” as a keyword, but, as I said, it depends on the style you’re looking for.

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Some faces, like Peter Wiegel's Moebius have outlines and fills in the same file; one in upper and the other in lower case.

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I saw this in a recent mailing from The font is Brownstone Sans.

I'm not sure how the effect is achieved, but my guess is that you set your headline using filled-in characters, then create a duplicate text box on top of it, and then in the upper box you change some of the filled-in characters for alternates that aren't filled in. And you make the upper text box a different color.

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FontMesa has a large number of such fonts.
Cactus Sandwich, GilleClassic, Gold Stndard, HomeStyle.
MainStrike, Mavericks, Mesa Pointe. RedDogSaloon, RioMesa.
RodeoClown, RoughRiders, Saddlery, SaloonGirl, Stampede,
Taqueria, Timepiece, WildRide

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Madame is a very complex example with multiple layers.

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