[Unsolved] Zero, one or two or three fonts to identify please and thank you.

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From reading other threads, maybe all are handwritten and they don't have names! Maybe there is a combination of written and font.


I suspect the jpg might be a bit clearer to look at: http://goodeveningeurope.com/fonts/1959title.jpg

These examples are from the year 1959, a show in France. I am not sure if that helps.

Thanks very much in advance for your help. If you need some more samples of this font do let me know.

Is the font available online? Can I read about it and its designer anywhere?

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Title cards like these were lettered by hand (as can be seen comparing the versions of E etc.). Inspiration for the styles: Brush Script, Bison, Galliard.

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Looking at the |E|s, "Grand prix" etc. could well be handwritten.

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What amazing handwork! So zero fonts here?

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As I mentioned: there are fonts similar to the lettering style...

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But they came later?

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Most definitely hand-lettered, but the serif font appears to be based on Garamond (the pre-digitized versions).

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Which one is the serif? Was Garamond around in 1959? Thanks for your help.

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Any more ideas on this please and thank you!

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