OpenType Features Editor Feedback

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The OpenType Features Editor, available for free download from, has now been downloaded more than 200 times. I am eager for any feedback on this tool.

How is the UI? Could the generated feature code be better? Are there features that are not generated correctly? Any bugs? Any suggestions for improvement?

Please let me know what you think. Thanks!

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Maybe you can extend the description a little bit more to tell people what this is meant for. (I havent tried it yet, since I am usually on a Mac.) But from “Windows application to help with OpenType feature development” I don't get the full scope of this application.
Would I use that for fonts without OpenType features? Or to check/modify existing features? Is there a main difference to the OT editors of FontLab Studio, FontForge and so on?

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Sorry. I introduced the tool back in April with a different post here: Any interest in Windows tool for editing features?. It is a stand-alone Windows application that automatically generates OpenType feature code based on font information it collects from an AFM file and outputs that code as a feature (FEA) file.

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I'll take a look at this, seems interesting. How does it compare with VOLT?

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I am honestly not very familiar with VOLT, but I suspect that tool is probably more flexible and powerful. This little editor tool is intended to speed up the development of OpenType features in a workflow where another tool handles other aspects of font development. For example, I use FontLab Studio or a combination of Illustrator and FL to create the glyphs and make the font. I wanted a quick and easy way to automatically generate OpenType features from all those small cap, oldstyle, alternate, ligature glyphs I already created.

Thanks for any feedback you can offer. I'm looking for reports of problems as well as suggestions for improvement.

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