Blazium - Sci-fi Display T Crisis

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Hi, this is my first go at a critique! My fingers are quivering as I type :-)

My views: I'm pretty happy with it, it smells of lovely "Logan's Run"-style gleaming computing.
I'd like to keep it monospaced but the T irks me. The W is maybe going too far?

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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hi, nice stuff, i like it, but some few coments.

1st the black rectangle in your K should have rounded corners too.

2nd i dont understand why dont you leave your W and 4 open like you do it with your u, or y. the way they are seems to me too confuse.

3rd you can try closing your K , H and N in the bottom like your A, X or M.

Nice work


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Hi Cristian,

Thanks for the comments!

1 - fair enough. The K looks a bit sharper than it actually is, but I agree they need to be more rounded anyway.

2 - I can lose the W top. But I like the 4: I wanted something similar to the 4 in Data 70. I'll try it out though.

3 - this was a definite style decision. The broken bar gives it more of a computer/MICR feel. Your suggestion gives more unity, but at the loss of some of the flavour I was after.

But hey, I'll try out your suggestions and post up some alternatives soon.

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Fun stuff! (Soylent Green turns out to be people, by the way.)

I have a hard time deciphering the 4 and the P -- they're the only characters where the black shape at the bottom is supposed to be read as part of the letter, rather than just serving as a decorative device. And I agree with Cristian's comments about the W -- looks like an M to me.

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Here are some revisions. I like the new symmetrical W loads better than the original, so thanks for encouraging me to lose the top :-)

The solid bar letters are nicer than I thought they would be. I can use the broken bar for lowercase alternatives.

Does opening the 4 and/or narrowing the gap help at all?

The P is a bit of a problem area at the moment. If I gain legibility then I lose seventies future vision :/ Not sure what to do with it; every new idea makes it look like an R.

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