Font used on US VD Propaganda Poster, circa 1940

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Hi, I've read the guidelines, but I apologize in advance if I'm doing some incorrectly. I'm trying to figure out the font used on this poster. Near as I can tell, it's the same font for all the text, save for "VDgraphic - 9" in the bottom left corner, which isn't important.

I've tried to identify this font myself, and I've tried using WhatTheFont! and Identifont, but, to no avail. The guide here also linked me to Type Navigator at, but that appears to be down.

Anyhow, this poster is from the early 1940s, no later than 1945, made by the government as a VD propaganda poster. It's been posted here, which has a small amount of information about it. This is probably an easy one for many of you, but, I can't figure it out, and I'd greatly appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thanks. :D

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Unfortunately, only similars... Titling Gothic Skyline Medium, Hadrian, Header, Prismatic

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Titling Gothic Skyline Medium is incredibly close! I'm barely able to detect any differences- and those, as in the 'A' might simply be a difference of weight. Thanks, Ryuk! (Death Note reference?)

I would be interested in further input if anyone finds a better match and/or the actual font, provided this isn't it.

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If the poster is original, it's almost certainly hand-painted (letters included). So you will not find "the" font.

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Besides there being other propaganda posters from the same era with this same font, the letters used there are the exact same as other instances of the same letter- even when the size is different. Unless hand-painted has some special font-related meaning I'm not aware of, there seems to be a typeface that is being used here- or they had a savant "paint" this.

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@ Joseph: Riccardo seems to be using the widely-accepted definition of a font as a set of letterforms used to replicate letters by a mechanical, optical, or digital device. If an artist makes the letters without any such device, then no font is used (although the artist may use a font as the model for the letters he/she draws by hand, as the artist for this poster may have done with Titling Gothic Skyline Medium).

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I appreciate the information. I don't know much about hand-painting text, but, considering the perfection between same letters on this poster, and considering some of the other posters here (reachable from the page I linked in my original post), I'm disinclined to believe the letters themselves were painted.

Titling Gothic Skyline Medium is incredibly close, the only differences I was able to notice were things like the gap in the A, which seem as though they could be explaining by bolding. Ryuk's post introducing it mentioned them as similars, though, and I'm sure he has a more educated opinion than I about why they could not be the same. I remain of the opinion from looking at the posters, however, that there does exist some sort of typeface that was used for this- though I'm not sure how it'd be evident what media they may have used to utilize said typeface.

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