accented characters at ends of words

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This has probably been asked before but with the problems searching at the moment I can't find anything. Does anybody have a list of characters that never appear at the end of a word (in any Latin language)? I'm making a font with end forms for most lower case letters and don't want to clog it up with alternate forms of glyphs. IIRC ae and oe never appear at the end of a word.

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In French, æ appears at the of the words supernovæ and vitæ.

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It’s best not to make these assumptions about orthography unless it’s a letter that only turns up in a single language like ŧ or ď. You might think you have the rules worked out from looking at dictionary words, but when it comes to the names of people and places rules fall apart.

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Good point. Probably quicker to just cover all eventualities than to try and find out which to leave out anyway.

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And while you're add it, just put every accent over every głÿph so they can make up more names of people and places. I met 4 with a cedilla last night at a party, (she pronounces it Forshé).

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Given all the creative spellings we’re seeing these days (pace David Berlow’s comment), it’s probably not so bad to err on creating more glyphs rather than fewer, especially if it will actually be less work.


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