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I'm going round in circles!

I work on a magazine, and use sans serif for copy such as box copy/ captions/ subheads/ technical features etc.

I used to use interstate, but am redesigning the mag, and trying to choose a different font to use.

I have been using the trial version of suisse ( and like the look of it, but essentially it is very similar to swiss/helvetica. Do I ask my company to fork out £240 for it when I could just use one we already have???

Does anyone have any preferences?

Thank you


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Go for the Suisse.
The absence of a tail on “a”, straight legged “R”, and the more circular round forms in general, make all the difference. Your peers will appreciate your taste in such matters.
If it still seems a bit expensive, just get the extreme weights of Suisse and use Arial for the rest.

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