Cityof – is there a history?

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Does anyone know who is behind the design of the font Cityof?

It's a free download wherever I search for it online and I can't seem to find out anything useful about it!

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The site you downloaded this font is evil. They are sharing commercial fonts.

Anyway: Cityof comes from Railfonts a site which digitizes old fonts from trains, I think.

Cityof was obviously made by Benn Coifman

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Thanks Renko, I appreciate it's evil! It's just a shame that when you search for 'Cityof font' all you get is pages and pages of links to free download sites.

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Yepp, it is a shame. But you could do us all a favor and delete your link in your first post, thanks.

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The font is described by its creator, Benn Coifman, as follows:

"Compare to the lettering used by the Union Pacific Railroad on its freight and passenger trains since the late 1930's. Also once used by the Milwaukee Road for their passenger trains. The font is versatile enough to use in documents or on models. Includes small caps, accents and full punctuation."

The font NAME was probably based on "The City of New Orleans". The City of New Orleans was a passenger train of the Illinois Central line, and was celebrated in a song sung and recorded by Arlo Guthrie and later, Willie Nelson.

- Herb

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