Who knows something more Nara original typeface?

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Who know something more about Nara original typeface? Design by Andrej Krátky.

Could we talk a bit about that beautiful design?

Share some exemples (photos, scans, alike typefaces, another beauty typefaces) and knowledge about Czech Typographic design of 1960-2000
Fábio Santos

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So good! I've also been wondering if there are books related to Josef Tyfa?
I guess you checked this one: http://www.typotheque.com/articles/nara-the_typeface_that_never_existed
I have the Krásné písmo ve vývoji latink books, also looking for similar books.

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Yes, I check that;
I feel in love with Czeck typography, but I can´t find to much things that I want to reach

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thank you for your kind comments about Nara.
Do you have any questions regarding the design? I would be happy to answer.
Andrej Krátky

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Hello @Andrej Krátky.
First I want to thank you for answer my effusive comments about Nara; and congrats you for the beautiful typefaces that you have. Thanks for working like that, its really a inspiration to see your drawings.

I was really interested in the original drawing of Nara; but I only find some images in Typotheque blog.
I'm begining a research about typefaces with really abrupt connections in the transition points—and abrupt modulation. I find Vendôme, Preissing Pro, and begin to notice that Czech Typographic design full my expectations (I know that Vendôme wasn't czech, typophiles).

So, what I really like to see, was more about Nara original drawings, to feel the original drawing curves and to learn a lot from them. But I don't know how difficult is to reach that.

Again: thanks @Andrej Krátky; its really nice to keep in touch with the original thinker of that beauty!
Fábio Santos

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If you have more references for my research about that kind of typefaces and about Czech Typographic design of 1960-2000 , share them please :)

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I still do have all the original drawings for the regular variant of the typeface. They are quite large and would take a lot of time to scan:-(
Are you willing to come to Bratislava?:-)

As far as to the history of Czech type, there is a nice article here:

If you are seriously interested in Josef Tyfa, here you can read about Frantisek Storm and his collaboration with Tyfa:

More info and contact:


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Thanks for the reply @andrej kratky.

One day I want to go to Bratislava, YES. :)
But now, I don't have the right conditions ($) to go. But when I go there, I'll definitely contact you, to see that marvelous type drawings.

I already contact with Frantisek Storm, and he gave me some resources to follow up.

Fábio Santos

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A Book of Type and Design by Oldrich Hlavsa, SNTL, Prague and Tudor Publishing, NY Copyright 1960

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Nice reference @bojev.
Really thanks
Fábio Santos

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