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Europe is in a crisis! Countries are in doubt. How much power do we lend to the European Union? What is the value of the Euro? Do we have to suffer for other countries problems? What if we step out of the EU, and just fend for ourselfs?!

It's a crisis indeed, in which there are alot of short term visions and 'solutions'. Surely you can just drop out, but what about the future? Europe must remember that we are not the only economy around. You can fend for yourself for a while but in the end you must compete with future big economic powers like China, India and South America.

What Europe needs to survive on a long term is a solid platform. A strong network with clear guidelines that stimulates trading, but with the countries remaining their own seperate identity.

To symbolize this in a medium I made a display typeface named EUnity. It's a very complete typeface, that allow all European countries to make proper use of this font. With EUnity, the user is able to connect by choice with the use of uppercast writing or undercast.

I would it if you would take a look at this font, get a feel for it, comment me if there are crucial things wrong with it, or just let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance,

- RJ

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I suppose legibility was’t one of your main concerns… ;-)
Also, what about Greek support?

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Maybe a very small subset of "all European countries". No Cyrillic, no Armenian, no Turkish, no Greek. Not that it matters, since it can't be read in any language.

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How is this symbolizing anything?

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I think Europe should just switch to fraktur.


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